I run 1000 miles hoping this will change the situation on ground. I stopped. I realised it's not about me running, it’s about them fixing the mistakes they have made to our past, present, and if not careful, our future generations. It is about them (corrupt politicians) against US (citizens). 

Our clothes call you out of your dirty acts. Our clothes speak justice. The colours and fabric are the symbols of our reality: The pink stands for security you promised but never delivered. Green, for your insignificant status in our society. The prints, however, are the symbol of your mischief and its effects on us. The denim is the hope we hold on to, that our future will be spent in peace and harmony. Our design isn’t just for fun, but a gear we wear to fight for justice!


Democracy is for the people. Therefore, our human rights should be 100% provided and protected. Democracy system that doesn’t do this, is a democracy that doesn’t make sense! We are tired of being lied to, we are tired of Oppression, Destruction, Manipulation, Insecurity, Poverty, Unaccountability, Unfulfillment!

Ah! We are a generation of ‘SORO SOKE’ (Speaking up)! We won't see you destroy our next generations while we are still living. We will not stop fighting till we have justice!




Naam: Abimifoluwa Akinwole
E-mail: modezoen@hotmail.com
Instagram: @mode_zoen
Telefoonnummer: 0623440829