We live in a time in which we are exposed to large quantities of rapidly alternating information. In this tangle it becomes hard to orient or navigate. Due to the prominent presence of social media and target marketing in our contemporary digital landscape it becomes harder to take an autonomous position. The distinction between what YOU want and which needs are being fabricated for you, are becoming harder to point out. By the constant capitalisation of our impulses and emotions, the necessity of developing a strong and trustworthy self-awareness is becoming more urgent.

“What kind of influences has ‘Self-awareness’ 
on my feeling of autonomy and the quality of my life”

This project is a new chapter in my self-assessment and perception of the world.
Assuming that nothing is ever final, reality stays a matter of perception and I will never be capable of apprehending ‘The truth’. I try to diligently capture my experiences as they come. Not because I think people should see those, or take them as their truth, but more as a breadcrumb trail. If need be I can still trace my way back to where I once came from. I created this website to serve as an autonomous and independent platform, a personal social media site on which I can express myself freely, without the external influences of likes, algorithms, influencers and ads, thus shaping an online place of which I can keep the intentions pure!

WHAT: A Self-portrait of Cedric Veldhuis and his search for autonomy in a world controlled by algorithms, targeted marketing and data mining. A contemporary perception of a modern identity crisis..

WHY: Due to the ignorance of some of my contemporaries and my own lack of factual information, I felt eager to investigate the influences of the current arrangement of our society and the digital landscape on our future regarding our freedom, autonomy and development of personality and identity.

HOW: In an autonomous self-portrait fabricated by personal observations and documentations. Cedric tries to interpret his Self and his role in this modern society by questioning his assumptions and habits, by giving the viewer a diligently formulated narrative of his personal frame of reference and the possibility to engage in his perception. Cedric challenges the viewer to discover nuances, gain insights and to re-activate their consciousness.