Valorun explores the different stories behind sneakers after they lose their identity and get therefore labeled as “waste”. By dismembering and deconstructing various sneakers, my project confronts the consumer with its complex biology and emotional value. With the exploded view I aim to highlight the different materials and complexity of a sneaker. Lots of glue, nylon thread, foam, rubber, leather, fabric and plastic go into a sneaker. Together, all these materials make it impossible to create a new high standard product and therefore create a short life span.

Valorun’s goal is to show the materials and elements into a different light and the emotional side of the product by telling the stories of their previous owners. With every step we take, we literally take our shoes with us. They can bring us back to a time, place or memory. By highlighting the emotional value of the products, Valorun wants to show that we should reconsider the ways we give value to our products and think about the long term instead of the short term.

photography by: Yana van Nuffel