de Zwart


What: A collection of jewelry that helps you remember to step back when great pressure is experienced by young adults.

Why: Burnout among young adults is a current problem in society. When they havejust graduated and enter work life, a lot of them develop performance pressure. Not being able to handle this pressure causes accumulating stress. There are no medications to prevent or cure a burnout. Research shows that mindfulness coaching and taking walks in the open air can help discover what your limits are and how to learn to deal with them in daily life.

How: Melissa de Zwart developed a jewelry collection in which a breathing and heart rhythm pattern has been turned into portability with a sensory feel element. When this piece of jewelry is worn, the loose chain elements will move on the body and the wearer will be reminded of the piece of jewelry on the skin. This moment of reflection distracts the wearer from pressure.

“It all starts with getting to know your own limits.”